Monday, June 12, 2017

Many people wished to see some of my work so here you go. This is the first part of one of my fictional stories that I am writing and the drawings are the main character (the girl, Mara) and one of the faeries.

Weird stuff has always happened around me. When I was five I swear my teacher was a Magician, the way that broken stuff ended up fixing itself, or when one of the kids got hurt she just picked them up and brushed them off and the injury didn't seem to bother them any more. Of course no one, not even my twin brother believed me, there was also the time that this stray cat followed me home.It was the strangest cat I had ever seen, it had wings and horns. Eventually the cat disappeared and I never saw it again but it wasn't just me, weird stuff happened to my Brother too. He had twice as much happen around him, as if, for the lack of a better word, magical creatures were following him. Some of them took an interest in me when they realized I could see them, but for some reason they were fascinated by my brother. As my brother and I got older the Magical creatures got more and more diverse and bold. At first there had been these sprite like things that reminded me of Tinkerbell but they weren't fairies. The next was all sorts of magical animals, like that Cat, but they ranged in size from a mouse to a bear and all of them stayed hidden most of the time. On occasion I will catch a glimpse of them.  Then there was  what I can only describe as fairies and Gnomes. The faeries  were beautiful but very protective. One faerie tried to attack me when I got to close to my brother when the fairy was present. The faeries were the most bold out of all the creatures. they would lounge about all over our house and when my brother and I were at school he had at least four to five on him at all times, not that he knew about them. They really disliked me I had no clue as to why. That they disliked me when I was a kid, made me pretty sad, I was one of those girls that was obsessed with faeries, that was until I met one. Let's just say my love died soon after that. The next creatures reminded me of elves but with slightly more animalistic characteristics and then finally there were the dwarves. I liked them the best. They were just as fascinated by my brother as the rest of the creatures but they never acted like I didn’t exist.They taught me how to wrestle and defend myself, that and they were down right hilarious. The rest of the magical creatures for lack of a better description either didn’t like me or ignored my existence.