Tuesday, May 30, 2017

“Artpop” By Lady Gaga
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This album is very artistic and fits her style without being overboard. Some have said that Gaga took her performance art shtick too far, but I like that she challenged us to try new things. I agree some of the things she did was not in good taste but I appreciate the fact that she tried new things. This album is considered one of the weirdest major pop albums of the 21st century.

The album began in 2011, the lead song “Applause”, was released on Oct 7, 2013. “Artpop” is the fourth studio album by Lady Gaga. It was introduced as a multimedia project with an application for mobiles, this was also unusual for the time.

Most people were very disappointed by this album, but I enjoyed its weirdness. The best song is a duet that she sang with R. Kelly called “Manicure”, their voices went well together. Some fans withdrew from this album's’ more experimental streak, but I enjoyed it. I think the weirdness defines this album. There are a few songs in this album that I just don’t love, but even they are interesting with what they are trying to do. I love Tracks 4-8 and think they are some of her best work ever.  Track 4 is “Sexx Dreams”, Track 5 is “Jewels N’ Drugs”, Track 6 is “Manicure”, Track 7 is”Do What U Want”, and Track 8 is “ArtPop”.

This Album was crazy ambitious, a mix of ideas that didn’t quite fit together packaged with an app that didn’t work and an artistic statue on its cover that wasn’t quite Lady Gaga, but I like its imperfections!  “Swine is a little clunky but it works, “Jewels N’ Drugs is crazy, “Applause” is perfect for ARTPOP: strange, blemished, and brilliant.

I think the real problem is that the publicity push was too “artsy” and this tainted it some. I agree with some who say that most of the music isn’t as joyous to listen to as the stuff on her first few albums, but its weirdness is what makes it wonderful. Yes this album is flawed, but it is not a disaster as some have said. It is fun, fascinating, and brave to have done.

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