Sunday, March 19, 2017


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 This infographic shows relationships between color and the feelings that colors can help create. Color Theory is very interesting to me, and I learned a lot through this infographic. 

     The relationships between colors can help balance an art work. For instance if you use complementary colors such as yellow and purple in a design it tends to balance the piece.

     In general most people associate certain emotions with a color. I do not always agree with the standard emotions assigned to each color, but I find it fascinating. In the infographic it shows that green is a color for fertility, I see it as more of the go to bad guy color.

     As an artist, mixing of colors to paint with is part of the art. The color the artist uses can make or break a piece. Mixing colors for painting is a challenge. I do not paint much, but when I do I have been taught to start with black, white and the three primary colors. From there I mix the colors for my art piece. Having a color wheel at hand is always helpful. 

     Although color is difficult for me to work with, having an inforgraphic around to help me see the colors helps me immensely.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pentel Twist-Erase® Click Mechanical Pencils, Bold Point 0.7 mm, Clear Barrel.

This is the best pencil ever! It can be used for drawing, calculations and many other things. This is my favorite drawing pencil because it stays sharp. It has a medium lead that allows for small to large lines including shading. The pencil is well balanced and the grip is comfortable in my hand. It is nicely made and you can feel the quality in your hand. I like the lead advance side click button because it is in a convenient spot on the pencil and allows for quicker lead advances which minimizes interruptions during writing. The jumbo eraser is nice because it lasts longer when it is twisted it extends further. The lead and the erasers are refillable so the pencil can last a long time. The price of this mechanical pencil is $2.99 each. You can find cheaper pencils, but this one is the best quality, Great value! This mechanical pencil far surpasses the other pencils I have used for sketching.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The very first theme of the week is water color, I'll be the first to admit that I am pretty bad any thing other than sketching and painting trees have always given me trouble. But i found this pretty helpful so I hope it helps you to.

I hope your in good health.