Monday, June 12, 2017

Many people wished to see some of my work so here you go. This is the first part of one of my fictional stories that I am writing and the drawings are the main character (the girl, Mara) and one of the faeries.

Weird stuff has always happened around me. When I was five I swear my teacher was a Magician, the way that broken stuff ended up fixing itself, or when one of the kids got hurt she just picked them up and brushed them off and the injury didn't seem to bother them any more. Of course no one, not even my twin brother believed me, there was also the time that this stray cat followed me home.It was the strangest cat I had ever seen, it had wings and horns. Eventually the cat disappeared and I never saw it again but it wasn't just me, weird stuff happened to my Brother too. He had twice as much happen around him, as if, for the lack of a better word, magical creatures were following him. Some of them took an interest in me when they realized I could see them, but for some reason they were fascinated by my brother. As my brother and I got older the Magical creatures got more and more diverse and bold. At first there had been these sprite like things that reminded me of Tinkerbell but they weren't fairies. The next was all sorts of magical animals, like that Cat, but they ranged in size from a mouse to a bear and all of them stayed hidden most of the time. On occasion I will catch a glimpse of them.  Then there was  what I can only describe as fairies and Gnomes. The faeries  were beautiful but very protective. One faerie tried to attack me when I got to close to my brother when the fairy was present. The faeries were the most bold out of all the creatures. they would lounge about all over our house and when my brother and I were at school he had at least four to five on him at all times, not that he knew about them. They really disliked me I had no clue as to why. That they disliked me when I was a kid, made me pretty sad, I was one of those girls that was obsessed with faeries, that was until I met one. Let's just say my love died soon after that. The next creatures reminded me of elves but with slightly more animalistic characteristics and then finally there were the dwarves. I liked them the best. They were just as fascinated by my brother as the rest of the creatures but they never acted like I didn’t exist.They taught me how to wrestle and defend myself, that and they were down right hilarious. The rest of the magical creatures for lack of a better description either didn’t like me or ignored my existence.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

“Artpop” By Lady Gaga
Artpop cover.png
This album is very artistic and fits her style without being overboard. Some have said that Gaga took her performance art shtick too far, but I like that she challenged us to try new things. I agree some of the things she did was not in good taste but I appreciate the fact that she tried new things. This album is considered one of the weirdest major pop albums of the 21st century.

The album began in 2011, the lead song “Applause”, was released on Oct 7, 2013. “Artpop” is the fourth studio album by Lady Gaga. It was introduced as a multimedia project with an application for mobiles, this was also unusual for the time.

Most people were very disappointed by this album, but I enjoyed its weirdness. The best song is a duet that she sang with R. Kelly called “Manicure”, their voices went well together. Some fans withdrew from this album's’ more experimental streak, but I enjoyed it. I think the weirdness defines this album. There are a few songs in this album that I just don’t love, but even they are interesting with what they are trying to do. I love Tracks 4-8 and think they are some of her best work ever.  Track 4 is “Sexx Dreams”, Track 5 is “Jewels N’ Drugs”, Track 6 is “Manicure”, Track 7 is”Do What U Want”, and Track 8 is “ArtPop”.

This Album was crazy ambitious, a mix of ideas that didn’t quite fit together packaged with an app that didn’t work and an artistic statue on its cover that wasn’t quite Lady Gaga, but I like its imperfections!  “Swine is a little clunky but it works, “Jewels N’ Drugs is crazy, “Applause” is perfect for ARTPOP: strange, blemished, and brilliant.

I think the real problem is that the publicity push was too “artsy” and this tainted it some. I agree with some who say that most of the music isn’t as joyous to listen to as the stuff on her first few albums, but its weirdness is what makes it wonderful. Yes this album is flawed, but it is not a disaster as some have said. It is fun, fascinating, and brave to have done.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Readers Request Blog

Someone asked for a copy of some of my art. 
This is a copy of "Starry Night" by Van Gogh  and then  a copy of my version of Starry Night

This is a new media for me and I prefer drawing rather than painting.
Here is one of my original drawings.

not the best quality but here it is

Readers Request Blog

Readers Request Blog
Someone asked for a review of an older renowned artist
Vincent Willem Van Gogh is one of my favorites.

Van Gogh was a very influential painter in the late 1800’s. He is famous for his use of vivid colors and his attempt to show emotion through them. Some of his most famous works of art are Starry Night, Self portrait, and Wheatfields with crows.
Vincent was born into a middle class family and was always thought of as a quiet and serious child. Early in his life he showed signs of mental instability but it was never diagnosed or treated. He started his career as an art dealer and traveled quite often. Eventually, he started working in London  and it was around this time that his depression became overwhelming. Vincent became so depressed that he started wandering alone and became ill. In 1881 he moved back with his parents and took up painting while his brother supported him. In 1886, he moved to Paris and discovered french impressionism he began to study the art of artists such as Monet and Renoir.   
Van Gogh suffered from psychotic episodes and delusions, and often neglected his physical health.Van Gogh drank too much alcohol, smoked heavily, and would neglect eating. He ended his friendship with Gauguin when he threatened him with a razor, and in a rage, cut off part of his own left ear. He then spent some time in a psychiatric hospital in Saint-Rémy and his condition stabilized, leading to one of the more productive periods of his life. On 27 July 1890, Van Gogh shot himself in the chest with a revolver, and two days later died,
Van Gogh’s reputation began to grow in the early 20th century but he was considered a madman and a failure in his lifetime. He posthumously attained widespread success over the ensuing decades, and is remembered as an important but tragic painter
Van Gogh was considered a lunatic and failure by most of those who knew him. As a young man he was deeply religious and principled. He was unable to communicate his desire to help others and was misunderstood his whole life.  He is today romanticized as the perfect example of the  misunderstood outsider artist. Van Gogh's works are among the world's most expensive paintings. Those sold for over 100 million US dollars (today's equivalent) include:  Portrait of Dr Gachet, Portrait of Joseph Roulin and Irises. The Metropolitan Museum of Art's version of Wheat Field with Cypresses was acquired in 1993 for US $57 million.] In 2015 L'Allée des Alyscamps sold for US $66.3 million at Sotheby's, New York, easily exceeding its reserve of US $40 million.
A couple of my favorite pieces by Van Gogh are to follow;
This sketch of “Starry night” is one of his most popular paintings. In color, it is vibrant and amazing. It is one of my favorites because it shows you how Van Gogh saw the world. The sketch is interesting because it shows his thought process during the creation of the painting.
The Church at Auvers” is my favorite painting of his work because of the colors and the details put into it. This painting and many of his paintings were featured on Dr Who and I fell in Love with them then. I also connect with Van Gogh because of our mutual problems with depression.
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

3 Art Mediums you did not Know Existed!

  1. Food art-There are many different ways to express yourself through the design of food to make it interesting. I have seen Jello flower sculptures, Fruit salad sculptures, Pancake Art and Rice Paddy art. These are impressive ways to play with your food and not get in trouble with your Mother. A picture is worth a thousand words so here are some examples of these artistic preparations of food.
Jello art-completely edible
Fruit art-these are different kinds of melons
Pancake art
Rice paddy art-this is an actual field in Asia

2. Post it Note Art is one of the greatest things I have seen, and a fun way to prank your coworkers. Post it notes now come in many colors and they are being used to make some amazing designs. It takes a lot of time, patience and forethought, especially if it is for a prank.

3. Do you want to be the most super awesome yet cuddly person on the street? Try Yarn bombing. This art is when you crochet or knit covers for anything that you can imagine. There are some very creative Yarn bombers out there. Some of these are considered vandalism but others are permitted.  

Believe it or not these are all real art mediums.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Alexander Mcqueen

 Alexander McQueen 
Metropolitan Museum of art
      The late Alexander McQueen’s fashion designs are amazing, but outlandish! The Metropolitan Museum of Art did an exhibition on Alexander McQueen’s life and designs from May 4 until July 31, 2011.  This video shows over 100 of his ensembles designs in a very tastefully done video. McQueen had a nineteen year career in fashion before he took his own life in February 2010. This is one of the groundbreaking exhibitions that has helped fashion to be considered an art form. The curator, Andrew Bolton takes us through the different rooms in the exhibit and helps explain the expressions of culture, politics and identity.
     The title, “Savage Beauty” talks about McQueen's contrasting of opposites. The first section is the Romantic Mind and they show here his background as a tailor and his craftsmanship. The next section is Romantic Gothic and McQueen is quoted saying that he feels that he  was the Edgar Allen Poe of Fashion and his darker side of 19th century Victorianism with Vampires and highwayman is seen in this work. The next room is the Cabinet of Curiosities. This room shows 18th and 19th century objects and helps you see how he views the world. This room shows the breadth of his Art.  Next is the Romantic Nationalism. This room has the Brits versus the Scotts. McQueen has a Scottish heritage that he is very proud of and the Love of English history. This shows many ensembles with the McQueen tartan. The next room was very controversial it is titled Highland Rape and was initially shown in 1995. This is a very provocative room and according to McQueen it had nothing to do with the rape of women, but it was about the Scottish Jacobite riots in the 18th century. This violence was shown in the clothes and the room. This room ended with a hologram that was well received. The next room was Romantic Exoticism, and they used mirrors to make it look like a music box. This room shows the influence of his love of history and embroidery with the China, Japan, and India influence. Romantic Primitivism used a rusty metal backdrop to look like a sunken ship. There is even a video above the gallery to make it more of a feeling of the sunken ship. The theme of predator-Prey and primitive-civilized was also shown. The next room shows Romantic Naturalism. The wallpaper is an enlargement of a drawing of McQueen. This room also shows how McQueen used nature to give him ideas. The use of flowers and natural materials is prevalent. The last room is called Plato’s Atlantis and is set up to look like a laboratory it is his last collection before his death. It showed how he loved to provoke people's emotions and this collection shows that.
     The McQueen clothing that he designed reminds me of a video game it is very different but very pretty. I would love to wear pieces of his clothing but not all of them. I particularly like the Romantic Gothic stuff. It has the style that I would like to wear, if I could afford it and get away with this style. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Andrew Bolton did such a good job of putting this exhibition together that I feel the real art form belongs to Andrew Bolton.